Frozen Mini Spelt Sourdough Pizza Bases (5-pack)

Frozen Mini Spelt Sourdough Pizza Bases (5-pack)


Our thin base, Italian style pizza bases are pure and simple with no sauces or toppings so that you can build your own delicious and nutritious pizza exactly to your dietary requirements.

These 12 cm mini pizza bases come in packets of 5.

They are ideal for kiddies meals or lunchboxes. Kids love these super nutrituous, fun and filling mini pizzas!

We craft the bases using Spelt that is stone milled freshly on site.

It is a true sourdough – long fermented – product that is prepared in small batches by hand.

Ingredients: Whole Spelt flour, RO Water, Himalayan Salt. Egg Free. Vegan. Whole Food. Non GMO. Freezer Friendly.



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