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Ditch bloating, keep bread! Delicious, made to order and long fermented Spelt sourdough loaves, pizza bases and whole flour products. Comfort food that makes you feel good.


Wholesome | Nutritious | Authentic

The Way Nature Intended

We Make time count

The Process

Sourced For You

Our gut healthy breads and pizza bases are tolerated super well by those with sensitive tummies. Why? Because of our unique seed to table process. We get the best results because we use the best process. Our ancient Spelt grains are stone milled straight into the mixing bowl, then it is slow fermented with a pure Spelt sourdough culture, and hand baked in small batches, in glass tins lined with coconut oil.

The Right Ingredients

Our products are 100% Digestible, 100% Nutritious and 100% Delicious. There are no chemicals, no enzymes, no flour improvers,
no preservatives, no sugars, and no yeasts. Just pure salt and water, and whole Spelt flour.

Made To Order

Our delicious, long fermented Spelt sourdough breads are freshly baked to order. We don’t bake in bulk or keep stock, so you can be sure that you get the freshest bread every time you order.

everybody has

A Story

Hey, Freddie here. I’m a nuclear engineer by education, a nuclear waste coordinator by profession, a husband and daddy by design, and a baker fueled by a passion and love for life and people!

All of this actually began because my lovely wife couldn’t eat bread for years. Think leaky gut, gluten intolerance, and type 1 diabetes. This was making her sad because we all know that carbs are a girls’ best friend.
So I bought a stone mill and found a way to ditch the cramps and bloating, but keep the bread!

Now we’re sharing over a decade of experience through our long fermented, whole flour, sourdough products, so that you too can enjoy the good stuff again!

Come say hello on Facebook or Instagram to hang out, find recipes, learn health hacks and see snapshots of our life and family.

1 kg Spelt Sourdough Bread

Our signature sourdough loaf. A delicious, nutritious, and filling bread that’s tolerated very well by sensitive tummies.

Frozen 30cm Spelt Sourdough Pizza Base

You’ve got to try these hand crafted, stone milled Spelt sourdough bases.

Frozen Mini Spelt Sourdough Pizza Bases

Mini pizzas, maximum flavour and goodness! Kids love these in their lunchboxes.

1 kg Whole Spelt Flour

Non-GMO whole Spelt kernels freshly stone milled to order.

1 kg Oats

Our milled oats and oat flour is perfect for baking, making creamy oatmeal, or making traditional oats.

"I haven’t been able to tuck into any products containing gluten for years. I usually get low-energy, inflammation, and stomach cramps. Thankfully I met Freddie and Charlotte and got to taste bread the way it was meant to be made. We ordered some pizza’s too and I am delighted to say that I tucked in with carefree abandon and experienced zero side effects. And the unexpected bonus was that it actually gave me energy! If you’re on the fence about ordering from Freddie’s Bread - let this be your confirmation to buy some ASAP. I would (and do) highly recommend their lovely bread + pizza bases! Life is better with (Freddie’s) bread!" Rachel JHB

"Freddie's Bread is nutritious! I find my energy levels improved. I have started eating bread for the first time in years and I haven't gained a single KG from this bread. Its got a delicious taste and makes my life better, knowing I have this part of my diet sorted! It hasn't caused any problems with my pre existing IBS. Thank you Freddie's Bread!!" Claire CPT

"Freddie’s Bread is verseker díé lekkerste gesonheidsbrood wat ek al geeet het! Kyk, ek hou mos nou maar eenmaal van ‘n lekker “fluffy” brood, wat gesondheidsbrood gewoonlik nie is nie... Groot was my verbasing toe ek díé broodjie verorber!!!! Gesond eet, kan lekker wees! Dankie julle... Nou Kan ons boonop díé brood op díé platteland geniet. " Natasha Klerksdorp

"This is the only bread we buy now! Freddie is such a maven of knowledge around the process and art of making truly healthy bread. We love this delicious bread and how we feel after eating it, compared to commercial bread. Do yourself a favour and make the switch! Thank you Freddie and Charlotte for your amazing hearts!" Michelle CPT

"Freddie's Bread is a really delicious and healthy alternative! It's perfect for a snack or the main part of a meal. It's great for weight management and for gut health. I would 100% recommend this bread and pizza bas, regardless of dietary requirements." Hazel van der Watt CPT

#Healthy and absolutely delicious!!! The pizza bases is amazing. We love it!" Inge CPT

"I was invited to try out a sample of Freddie's bread and pizza base. Surprisingly, I didn't have the immediate digestion disturbance or heartburn associated with grain bread. Proceed with caution if you suffer from gluten intolerance, insulin resistance or you are triggered by bread, but Freddie might be onto something here. At the very least, for some of us, it may be a safer and more affordable alternative to the low carb and gluten free breads and pizza bases on the market right now." Sam Bell Nutritional Coach

"I am so glad we discovered Freddie's Bread. Now we can eat bread again without the bloating and horrific side effects of modern day commercialized bread. When a nuclear engineer looks for solutions for his diabetic wife and comes up with this product you know a lot of research has gone into it." Christa - CPT

"I tried your bread for the first time today and it's so delicious! I love finding new breads with beautiful ingredients! Bravo!" Lauren - CPT

"Dankie weereens vir die HEERLIKE brood! Dit is Konings kos!! Ek glo dit is hoe die Here my gehelp het! Die brood is GR00T blessing vir ons. Ek eet dit ook met my autoimmune, en ek kry geen bloating of simptome nie!" Yolanda - CPT

"As a baker I appreciate the art and hours that go into beautiful artisan breads, so I want to give a shout out to a fellow baker in our hood. Freddie makes the most delicious sourdough spelt bread I have ever tasted! You have to do yourself a favour and buy a loaf of this mastery!" Sam - head baker at Doughmain


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We bake, package and send fresh bread to your door any where in South Africa, three times a week! We also have two collection points in Cape Town for your convenience.